Types of Loss

Types of Loss

Wind, water, fire, odor, vandalism, oil spills, mold contamination, asbestos removal, structural damage, vehicle impacts are some types of residential loss.

Fire and water damage appear to be the most frequent types of property loss encountered in this region.

Fire Loss

A commercial property fire can cause damage to the structure and contents of a business. Problems that may occur are loss of revenue, the ability to service your clientele properly, displacement of employees, loss of important documentation and many other complications.

Wisnia Inc will initiate the clean-up process immediately, to ensure that disruption is minimal and work is completed in a timely manner. We will begin making your business or commercial property secure by removing water and seriously damaged materials, drying the structure and contents and removing smoke residue. We will sort through all contents and important documentation affected by the fire or smoke loss and provide professional judgement as to what items can be cleaned and what items are recommended for replacement. We understand that business documentation is extremely important and requires special attention. We use several specialized cleaning techniques to treat damaged documents and literature to ensure that valuable information is not lost. Our team will work with property and business owners to ensure that business will continue as usual as quickly as possible.

Water Loss

When a commercial property or business experiences a water loss the effects can be devastating. Wisnia Inc is able to supply and install specialized equipment and implement a disaster recovery plan to minimize the interruption of your business. One effective tool which we utilize is a desiccant dehumidifier. A desiccant is an effective tool which allows us to thoroughly dry large properties. The injectidry system is another effective tool which enables us to accept drying projects such as hardwood flooring (ie: gymnasium flooring) and other types of specialty drying.

The most common sources of water damage to commercial buildings range from: discharging of fire suppression systems, broken pipes and boiler malfunctioning. Whatever the source of damage is, Wisnia Inc is available 24/7/365 to respond to any situation. The first step is to locate and identify the source of the water damage and repair as necessary. The next step is to initiate the clean-up process immediately and begin to dry contents and the structure. Wisnia Inc will utilize Industry specific drying equipment combined with certified technicians to ensure that the work will be completed properly and quickly.